What is a diaper cake?

You’ve probably heard people talking about them, and how beautiful they can be. Maybe you’ve seen one or two in person. Well despite the name, a diaper cakeis certainly not the kind of cake you want to put in your mouth!

Essentially a diaper cake is a bunch of baby diapers arranged in a way as to resemble tiers of a cake. They are typically wrapped with ribbon, and accented with other useful baby items such as bibs, bottles, receiving blankets, and stuffed animals. It certainly sounds like an easy operation, but as with most crafts, there are certain tips and tricks that you need to know to help you create a baby diaper cake that looks wonderful, and also doesn’t fall apart.

While a lot of diaper cakes look just like tiered cakes, you can also create other types of designs. Some popular diaper cake ideas are animals, cupcakes, or even a tricycle! You can really let your imagination run wild when creating your baby diaper cake.